Posted by: Kelsey | October 8, 2013

Top Ten October: 10 Favorite Fashions from the 1990’s

Was there ever a better decade for fashion than the nineties? Probably. But I never loved one as much. Platform wedges. Butterfly hair clips. Blossom flower hats. Short pigtails. Everything–literally everything–from the latest delia*s catalog. If my mom had let me, I woulda dropped three Gs every time that liTTLe bOOk oF mAgIc came in the mail. Floral-print drawstring maxi skirt? I’ll take FIVE. Daisy flower necklaces? Only if I want to get mistaken for Drew Barrymore… again! (i.e. YES.) Spaghetti strap dresses? Ummm, what else am I supposed to wear to Lilith Fair??

Here are the top 10 fashions of the 90’s that left their mark like a tattoo-print choker necklace:

1. Baby Tees

From Kelly Kapowski to Gwen Stefani, the tiny tee was EVERYTHING to the 90’s girl. The ladies at Empire Records and Cher from Clueless preferred their mohair sweaters cropped, while grungy girls went for the plain baby tee under a long flannel shirt. But everyone knows the best way to wear a crop top was under…

2. Baggy Overalls/Jeans

If you were really hip, you wore these with one strap unhooked and hanging down by your side, despite the hazard of getting it entangled with the straps of your Jansport backpack. Baggy jeans were always super cute when paired with a tight little tee (and several of the accessories on this list…), but if you wanted to really freak out your dad, you’d brave the overalls with naught but a bra underneath, or even do the Winona.

3. Schoolgirl skirts
Gone were the days when Catholic girls complained about their uniforms… Even us public school girls hopped on this fashion trend. You could rock a miniature plaid skirt with a cropped sweater, baby tee, ringer tee, or even a normal sized shirt; but undoubtedly they looked best when paired with a hefty pair of…

4. Doc Marten boots

Whether you went with the classic black, got artsy with the deep red, or showed your girly side in a pink pair, these boots were essential to balance your otherwise girly wardrobe. For instance…

5. Floral-print babydoll dresses

Rarely in fashion history has there been such a fine line between hip style and your great-aunt Joyce’s couch. This popular fashion was made even more risky by its frequent pairing with a crochet vest. It could’ve been granny chic, but thanks to a sturdy pair of mid-calf lace-up boots and the mid-thigh length of most floral dresses, it could pass for grunge. Even our queen, Courtney Love, unabashedly adorned the floral print dress, and designer Marc Jacobs famously got fired after showing a collection of grunge-inspired flannel and floral dresses at Fashion Week in 1992.

6. Dark brown lipstick

It wasn’t just the girls who listened to Hole who loved this fashion trend. Even the preps (who were inspired by Courtney Cox) and the flower children (imitating Drew Barrymore) took to chocolate lips. I remember having a Jane lipstick called something-Cocoa-something, and it tasted as good as it looked.

7. Ringer tees

Skater girls (and those of us who wanted to be skater girls) resurrected this 70’s fashion trend and gave it a grunge edge. I loved this style on girls, but a retro ringer t-shirt was also the quickest way for me to find the cool guys at a party. If he was wearing, say, a white shirt with black rings and a faded Mickey Mouse on the front, I knew who I was going to spend the night stalking to.

8. Plastic jewelry/accessories
From jelly bangles to butterfly clips pulling back your hair, your look really wasn’t complete without a sh*tload of plastic things stuck to your body. Check it: Sarah Michelle Gellar has never looked better.

9. Dyed red hair

When Angela Chase colored her locks a deep auburn, I quickly followed suit. There was no better way to dramatize the move from middle school to high school, from childhood to what we thought was adulthood–and no better way to piss off your mom–than buying that Herbal Essences semi-permanent hair color foam in Deep Red. It felt rebellious, and it looked great–for a week and a half. Then it started to fade. Dramatically. Which explains why in 90% of my high school pictures I am sporting a frizzy  orangish-brown mop.

10. Chokers (esp. cameo chokers!)

This Victorian style became available to ALL in the 90’s. A black velvet choker with a baby pink cameo wasn’t just for Halloween costumes or vampire-wannabes, and I was really stoked about it. I mean, I probably would’ve worn them anyway, but in the 90’s I was able to wear them and fit in! For the ravers and the popular girls, there was always the option to wear your choker in plastic neon–and the more you wore at a time, the cooler you seemed.

Which other decade allowed you to adorn yourself with plastic and half a shirt and look amazing??? What fashion trends did you rock in the nineties? (Pictures encouraged.;))



  1. Right on with everything. Ah, the 90’s. I do have to add one thing, not a favorite fashion tip from the 90’s because it was hideous but I guarantee they’ll be back was wearing men’s tube socks. Either all the way up to the knees or scrunched a little. Who ever thought this was awesome with some jean shorts? Oh, me! Paired with a spaghetti strap tee and a black tattoo choker. Complete with butterfly clips. I was the epitome of awesome…. not.

    • Oh my gosh! Scrunchy socks! I had 100 pair in every color. Hideous! Haha! I always think about Suzanne Sommers in Three’s Company when I imagine men’s tube socks pulled up to the knee. Wow… ;-P

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