Posted by: Kelsey | October 4, 2013

Top Ten October: 10 Songs to Put on Your Autumn Mix Tape

I’ve always been kinda seasonal when it comes to my music tastes: post-punk in the winter; twee pop in the spring; 90’s alternative rock in the summer; and folky emo in the fall. In my world, Easter lillies have their own soundtrack to which to blossom (a Smiths mix), and the first snowfall is greeted in love with Galaxie 500 and Spiritualized. I know I’m ready for the local pool to open when I begin to listen to Liz Phair on repeat; and I know I’m ready for it to close when I pull REM’s Automatic for the People out of its sleeve. If I put on Sonic Youth’s Experimental Jet Set.., I’m probably reminiscing about teenage rebellions; and it’s been a hard year if I break out Great Lake Swimmers’ self-titled first record prior to November. (I listened to it in August this year… yikes.)

The movement from flip flops to hoodies is my favorite–there’s something sweetly sad about the summer’s end, with its memories of deflating rafts and filling up backpacks, putting away tank tops and setting up alarm clocks. As the leaves fire up their hues and the scent of barbeques is replaced by burning logs (mmmm…) and cinnamon (MMMM…), I abandon distortion pedals for nylon strings, blistering beats for flutes, throbbing bass for harpsichords, grungy screams for delicate harmonies. The following 10 songs really capture for me the chilly coziness of Fall; put them on a mix tape in this order, and you will have the perfect Autumn soundtrack.

[Note: We at this blog love to support artists, so we strongly encourage the purchase of music, rather than repeated unpaid streaming. If you like a song and think you will listen to it more than twice, please buy it.]

1. Kings of Convenience, “Toxic Girl”

2. Bright Eyes, “Bowl of Oranges”

3. Bob Dylan, “4th Time Around”

4. Velvet Underground, “Stephanie Says”

5. Nick Drake, “Northern Sky”

6. Belle and Sebastian, “Women’s Realm”

7. American Analog Set, “Punk as F*ck”

8. Donovan, “Sunny Goodge Street”

9. Rolling Stones, “Ruby Tuesday”

10. The Zombies, “This Will be Our Year”



  1. I love your writing! And you will probably think this music blasphemy but I’ve not heard a few of these songs (Southern Baptist kid, grew up in a box). I am going to have a dance party with Baby A tomorrow with them (gotta raise her right) I will let you know her favorite.

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