Posted by: Jamie | September 21, 2013

Mix Tape for the Moon


This week marked the annual rise of the glorious harvest moon. If you were in a town that didn’t suffer from low cloud cover, then you hopefully you were able to get a peak at its majesty. What is it about the moon that drives us mad? Poets pine for it, scientists study it, astronauts risk life and limb to walk on it, dogs and werewolves alike howl at it. Our two year old son recently discovered it in some of his books and can’t stop pointing it out and shouting “moon!” every time he sees something remotely round and luminescent. It inspires, it reflects, it haunts and it effects the tide of the ocean and young romancers alike. In honor of that big ol’ pizza pie in the sky, here is a mix tape dedicated to its honor that hopefully will be a radiant friend to any music listener out there.

…the moon’s an arrant thief,
And her pale fire she snatches from the sun – Timon Of Athens, Shakespeare

1. Echo & The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon (One of the best songs of the 80’s period!)

2. Neil Young – Harvest Moon (duh)

3. Van Morrison – Moondance (double duh)

4. Dean & Britta – Moonshot

5. REM – Man on the Moon (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

6. The Doors – Moonlight Drive

7. Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra – Bolero on the Moon Rocks

8. Belle & Sebastian – Waiting for the Moon to Rise (what’s a mix tape without some twee pop?)

9. Nick Drake – Pink Moon (yes, obviously)

10. Astrud Gilberto – Fly Me to The Moon

11. Tindersticks – Waiting for the Moon

12. Jeff Buckley – So Real (If just for the line “We walked around ’til the moon got full like a plate”. But any Buckley is good evening mood fuel)

13. Big Star – Blue Moon (One of the most beautiful songs ever penned from one of the coolest albums ever)

Hope you enjoy. As always, above are links where you can stream this stuff, but we here at this blog encourage purchasing a song if you like it enough to stream it multiple times. Itunes would have all of the songs mentioned above.

What songs would you load into the boombox and aim at the night sky? Let us know your mix tape in the comments section.


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