Posted by: Jamie | September 10, 2013

Paper Crane EP Reissued!

In 2006 a little indie record label based out of Belgium asked me to contribute something to its catalog. They were called Sundays In Spring and specialized in lo-fi indie folk tunes, which was perfect for me. I had been working on a ton of new music, most of which would go on to round out The Recalibrated Heart album that came out in 2007 on Sonablast Records.

This release helped me gain a larger international audience, and I thought it was cool to say that a label outside of the US put out some of my music. My wife and I actually handmade 100 physical copies to sell at shows and quickly ran out since I was playing so much back then. It seemed to be received well and to this day I play a few of these songs live. However, the label and its back catalog disappeared a few years ago, thus making it impossible for anybody to obtain these recordings except directly through me.

Well, here they are finally, brought to you by our friends at Bandcamp. I’ve also included some rare Easter eggs for free when you download the entire EP for $5 US: “Scarecrow Song,” a track from the Recalibrated Heart sessions that never found a home; and a gorgeous live recording of the song “Patient Lover Be” from a 2010 performance.

So, here you go. This is Jamie at age 25 (sheesh), making sad folk tunes for Dutch listeners. And you, of course. The rest of my releases are now also featured at my bandcamp site where you can download in a variety of formats, depending on how much of a rabid audiophile you are. As always, I’m thankful for the support of listeners who make it worthwhile for me to continue writing and sharing songs.



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