Posted by: Jamie | September 3, 2013

Operation DarkSide

photo(2)This is a real guy in our neighborhood. We don’t know his name and have never had the pleasure of conversing with him. We call him “Environmentally Conscious Goth Guy”. We see him every so often out patrolling the streets and curbs with a broom, trash grabber and bag to stash it all. Thing is, he’s always in full-on gothic attire. Straight out of a Bauhaus music video. Even on the hottest summer days. Black suits, Doc Martens, Stevie Nicks-esque witch scarves and Robert Smith makeup. He’s at least 40 years old. And a little more heavy-set than shown in my cartoon. But Operation Brightside ain’t got nothing on Operation DarkSide. Keep it up, Environmentally Conscious Goth Guy – our sidewalks have never been more serene and contemplative about their feelings.



  1. John Mark used to do this before the child. But he didn’t wear all black. Perhaps if he would have people would have been more obliged to stop littering.

  2. You guys live by Taylorsville and Watterson? If so, I know who you are talking about!

  3. Tyler, YES! That’s hilarious that you know who we’re talking about! We are so excited every time we see him. We love that guy!

  4. I know exactly who you are talking about too. My parents live in Hikes Point & whenever I go visit them, he’s mowing & raking & sweatin’ it out in the black skinny jeans & black eye-liner at the corner of Taylorsville & Furman.

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